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Indoor Gardeners’ Day Out

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Indoor Gardeners’ Day Out

We will be joining the next Gardener’s Day Out at Hort Park on 16 December. It’s the last one of the year and should be one of the best. There are loads of vendors and exhibitors attending.
You can find plenty of cool and interesting plant varieties at the Gardeners Day Out. Once you get your plant, you want a fitting home for her. So Tumbleweed will be providing 
onsite plant-rehousing. We’ll be bringing a selection of our best planters down to the park so you can re-pot them right away! Get a planter from us and we will re-pot them for you for free.


 If there is a particular planter you want us to bring email us and we will ensure we have it on the day.
Spread the word and see you at Hort Park on 16 December!