New planters in stock!

January 21, 2018

New planters in stock!

We’re starting 2018 with a bang, launching a new range of beautiful planters.

Amongst them we’ve got planters with sparkle, terrazzo planters, rustic planters, square planters, wood planters, glass planters, Brian Giniewski planters and new styles of our ever popular plant stands. Here's a sneak preview before official launch on the site at the end of January.

The showroom is now chock-a-block so if you're planning a new look for Chinese New Year or just want to start 2018 with a fresh green feel in your home or office, we're ready to help!

Monstera leaf green pot  Tropical leaf  

monstera leaf white White lines black pot

Green stripes plant stand Pink clay pot

Terrazzo hexagon Terrazzo cyclinder

Nordic plant stand Plant stool

Sparkle pink and turquoise Brass pot plant stand

rustic terracotta Matt cube