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Hello and Happy New Year from your neighbourhood plant shop!

We've decided to start 2019 responsibly, by reducing our waste and helping you minimise your environmental impact when you shop with Tumbleweed. We're gonna do this in three ways and the good news is you stand to benefit from each!

First, we want to REDUCE the amount of packaging we give you. We know you need something to help you carry away your new plants and you love our Tumbleweed paper bags, so we're not going to stop giving them, but as an incentive to reduce the volume, we're going to give $2 off every order at our store when you don't take any bags. So remember to keep hold of them and bring them back next time!

We also go through mountains of plastic plant pots that we try to REUSE as much as possible but we still end up with lots sitting spare. From now on we will be giving these away to anyone who wants them - we know lots of you like to do your own propagation. Simply ask us next time you're in store and we'll try to find one that's the right size for you. Note, we don't clean them, so you will need to do that at home.

We want to help you RECYCLE your waste too! If you run a business that produces coffee grounds or egg shell waste, please get in touch! We are interested to take the waste from you to use as organic fertiliser which we'll use and distribute free to our customers. Customers - just bring along a container to take it away and you can take as much as you want :) 

Community engagement and sustainability are core to our ethos and these are some of the ways in which we'll make a contribution. If you have ideas for other things we can do, we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch to let us know. Click Here To Email Us

Wishing you a great year ahead.