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Not only Amazon should have a rainforest

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Not only Amazon should have a rainforest

Alexa just opened Amazon’s most interesting investment yet – a 60,000 square foot garden dome space at its Seattle headquarters that will act as a relaxation and contemplation space for its employees.

Think of it as a Gardens by the Bay just for Amazon staff.

If they’re not the first business to embrace plants in the pursuit of a more happy and productive workplace – the benefits of Biophilic design – have been backed by studies for years - they’re certainly doing it on a grand scale.

And tech companies are leading the way; Microsoft and Apple have also been doing innovative things with plants. Closer to home, Tumbleweed has just helped with a plants fit out for a co-working space and consulted for the fit out of a local office of a tech MNC. We think this trend is set to take hold in Singapore. Why should an inviting interior only be at home - what about Monday to Friday?!

Considering a plants rethink for your office?