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One year ago we wrote a piece on our top 10 plants of the year.

This year we decided to think back on the pots, stands and other plant display pieces that have been trending over the last 12 months.

Once again, in no particular order, and for you to debate at your leisure, here’s our pick of what’s been hot for plant displays in 2018:


1. Terrazzo Cylinders – Terrazzo designs are in trend and these cylindrical pots have been a hit in every size and colour we’ve stocked them


2. Dreamers' Pots – Perennially popular, these cute little pots are a no-brainer for many of you when filled with a succulent or two


3. Mid Century Plant Stand – These versatile stands have been popular ever since we launched them and the popularity hasn’t diminished in 2018


4. Black and White Large Pots – These large pots are a popular choice for housing Fiddle-leaf Ficus trees because good looking large planters are hard to find. We now have a new range of big pots, so the choice just grew!


5. Deco stand – It’s an elegant looking stand, lightweight and good value. Which has prompted many of you to get one for home 


6. The Misfits – We loved these handmade planters the moment we found them. This year we have expanded the range to include more characterful ceramic chums. Have you got one on your side table yet? 


7. Hanging Globes – Hanging plants is such a great way to create the feel of a more green home. These globes are a beautiful home for airplants and other small varieties   


8. Capra Designs Pots – A Capra Designs pot is a sure-fire way to make your display stand out. Their distinctive designs made in an ecologically friendly resin add a unique touch to any space. We have been stocking their brand new range since November


9. Tall Plant Stands – These cement pot stands have been a hit with all of you looking for a way to level up your display. It's been a popular choice for both living rooms and office and retail spaces


10. Seagrass baskets – For their value and versatility and their natural look, seagrass baskets have been a constantly popular pairing for floor standing plants