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Our top 10 plants of the year

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Our top 10 plants of the year

It’s always a tough job to pick out your favourites but here goes our rundown of the plants we - and you - have been most excited about this year.

In no particular order:

Philodendron orange stem
1. Philodendron orange stem - One of our favourites for their shape and the combination of colours. They’re also very at home in Singapore’s climate.

Monstera friedrichstalii
2. Monstera Friedrichstalii - The ‘Swiss Cheese’ probably gets our vote as plant of the year. We love the way it vines, growing one way then another to create an amazing overall look.

Portulacaria afra
3. Portulacaria Afra - The ‘Elephant Bush’ has been hot on the heels of the Monsteras and Ficus in popularity. Matching with a marble planter has been a top customer choice.

Pilea peperomioides

4. Pilea Peperomioides - Without doubt the plant of the moment. People are in love with its look and it's taking over from the Monstera as the go to choice for plant art and ceramics.


5. Cryptanthus - We love these plants for their textured and patterned leaves that naturally create the coolest shapes.

Ficus lyrata
6. Ficus Lyrata - Another strong customer favourite. People love the fiddle shaped leaves and low care requirements. A super popular house plant.

Pencil cactus

7. Pencil Cactus - If we had a dollar for every time we’re asked for a pencil cactus! Their geometrical look is an instant standout. We just wish we had more!

String of pearls
8. String of Pearls - You have been crazy for these plants and willing to take on the challenge of looking after their delicate pearls.

Monstera deliciosa
9. Monstera Deliciosa - A perennial favourite for their beautiful split leaves and their suitability for the Singapore climate. We’ve sold more of them than anything else.

10. Tradescantia - Vibrant purple and green leaves that shimmer in the light and low care requirements make her a hit for discerning plant lovers.