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Now the F1 has been and gone, time to clear the air!

Back in May, we launched a joint initiative with artist Danielle Tay to raise money and awareness about the benefits of plants to the ecological balance of our urban environment. 

From the proceeds of sales of Danielle's limited edition art prints through our stores, Tumbleweed and Danielle Tay have just donated $900 to the Garden City Fund's "Plant a Tree' campaign. This will permit 3 new CO2-eating trees to be planted in our city - a Danielle Tay tree, a Tumbleweed tree and a 'you guys' tree! 

Danielle has been busy lately; you may have seen her art on display at the rising CapitaSpring on Market Street in the CBD, Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik and the Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard road.

Graciously, she has committed to keep producing her range of prints for this initiative exclusively for sale through Tumbleweed so long as people want to buy them. So click above or ask in store next time you visit if you're interested to get one before Danielle becomes even more celebrated as an artist.

And we'll keep planting more trees!

CapitaSpring on Market Street


Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard road


Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik