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Hope you've been enjoying checking out the new range of planters we launched in our webstore 2 weeks ago!

These are the ones that have been selling quickest so far...

*Top Choice* Freckle Pots - We absolutely agree with you on this one! It's a great looking pot with a beautiful textured finish and its neutral tones pair well with almost all plants. 

Large Painted Cement Pots - We had a feeling these would be popular given their size and the matching trays, which take a bit of the work out of watering.

Terrazzo Cubes - Ditto, the tray is a nice plus to a very funky looking pot.

Capra Designs' Etch Pots - Our premium collection from Capra Designs take pride of place on our website and in our stores. You've been loving these Desert Modernism themed pots.

Baobab Vase - These hand carved wooden vases are a great statement piece and you've been in the mood to make a statement!

Buddu Planter - We've got two different sizes available and they've both been proving popular.

Cape Town Planter - These pedestal planters are big and heavy and a fantastic way to display living room plants. Good choice (clap clap)

Jelly Cup Pots - When you've needed a cute pot for a succulent, these have been the most popular choice.

Industrial Plant Stands - A new stand that's BIG! Big enough to house a big leafy plant at home.

We've also had a terrific response to the launch of our rewards program, with many of you already claiming your first cute planters as a free gift! Now you can earn everytime you shop with us - even more temptation to get some more plants into your home :) Have you signed up and started collecting your seeds yet??