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Art Prints by Danielle Tay - 'Magical Place'

Art Prints by Danielle Tay - 'Magical Place'


As important as plants to an interior is some soul-nourishing art.

We exclusively offer this limited edition series of 8 plants themed signed and framed art prints by local artist, Danielle Tay. Each piece is part of a limited edition run of 25/50.

Tumbleweed has agreed to donate the entirety of its share of sale proceeds to the Garden City Fund so every piece sold will support the artist and the natural environment of Singapore.

What are you waiting for?!

Dimensions: Print size 29x39cm, Frame size 42x52cm


About Danielle Tay

Danielle is a 28 year old Singaporean who trained in fine art at University College, London. She has exhibited worldwide and is gaining notoriety for her dreamy, fun-filled murals, the latest of which you can see through her Instagram page.

Danielle has been heavily influenced in her art by the environment in Singapore and feels passionately that the balance between urban development and the natural world can be supported by people bringing more greenery into their homes.