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Plant Trays

A plant trays is a shallow container that sits underneath the base of a potted plant. It collects and holds any water that drains from the pot, preventing it from staining or damaging surfaces beneath the plant. Plant trays also protect furniture and flooring from water damage, provide additional support for heavy pots, and can help keep soil in place. Additionally, they are ideal for helping contain excess moisture in plants with very little drainage.

The size of the trays should match the size of the pot – choose one large enough to accommodate all drainage but not too large as otherwise you’ll be wasting valuable space and risking the chance of over-watering your plants. Some models come with a built-in overflow drain or a hole for drainage pipe, to help ensure that excess water doesn’t pool at the bottom.

Plant Trays come in various materials such as plastic, terra cotta and ceramic. They are available in many shapes and sizes, so you can select one that fits your style and décor.

Plant Trays come in many different shapes and sizes to fit any pot size. The most common types of trays are round, oval, rectangular and square. Depending on the type of plant that you’re growing, there are also more specialized designs such as sloped or tiered to help with drainage.

Ceramic trays are often the go-to choice since they come in plenty of shapes and sizes, terracotta trays are an excellent alternative for outdoor plants. For a truly unique addition to any table top or windowsill, wood-effect trays offer a natural touch of style. Marble-effect trays boast wonderful designs and are perfect for bringing an elegant feel indoors. Ultimately, deciding which type you should use is based solely on your individual taste and needs!

When choosing a tray for your planter, it’s important to select one that is slightly larger than the base of the pot. This will ensure enough room to catch and contain any water drainage. Additionally, make sure you choose a material that's appropriate for the environment in which your plant is growing; plastic or glazed ceramic are ideal for indoor plants.

Finally, consider the overall look of your setup – do you want something decorative or functional? Depending on your preference and budget there are plenty of options available to suit any style! With these considerations in mind, you're ready to purchase the perfect plant trays for your needs!

Yes! Plant trays are a great gift for any green thumb. They provide the perfect way to add an extra touch of style and practicality to any potted plant, so you can be sure that your recipient will appreciate it. Additionally, you may want to consider pairing it with a matching pot or other gardening tools to create a complete set. Whether they’re looking for something purely decorative or highly functional, there is sure to be a plant saucer fit for any taste!

Plant saucers are a great and unique gift for any occasion. Not only will they add a special touch and personality to the garden of your loved one, but it is also an attractive way to ensure all their plants have the proper drainage. Coloured trays and terrazzo trays make for great statement pieces, as do deep trays which offer a more natural look. These trays come in all shapes and sizes so you'll be sure to find the perfect plant saucers that suit your giftee's style! Even though plant saucers may not be traditional gift giving options, they are sure to put a smile on the face of your green-thumbed loved one!

Plant Trays in Singapore

For anyone in Singapore looking for plant saucers, Tumbleweed Plants is the place to go! Not only do they have an incredible selection of top-notch plants, but they also deliver right to your doorstep. This makes shopping for a housewarming or birthday plant gift very convenient. Tumbleweed Plants even offers online shopping options, giving customers the chance to purchase their products from the comfort of home. All sorts of different plant saucers are available, ranging from colorful to ceramic planters of various sizes. No matter what you're looking for, Tumbleweed Plants will have something that fits your needs and style. With great quality and excellent customer service, Tumbleweed Plants is a smart choice if you need to buy plant saucers in Singapore!


Plant Trays are essential pieces of equipment for any serious gardener. You can read more about our Plant Trays Collection here.

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Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

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