A recent darling of houseplant lovers, Homalomenas are great indoor plants due to their large and beautiful foliage, resistance to most pests and diseases and their ability to grow in low light conditions.

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Below is a general care guide for Homalomena which can slightly differ depending on variety.

Light & Temperature

Homalomena thrives in medium indirect light. It can tolerate lower light conditions but growth will be rather slow. Avoid too much sun as it can scorch the leaves of your Homalomena. 

These plants love warmer conditions. The warmer the environment, the better it is for Homalomenas. 

Watering, Humidity & Misting

Keep soil damp using water at room temperature but never allow the plant to sit in water. Aerate the soil or allow it to partially dry out between waterings. Any excess water in the tray should be removed to prevent root rot.

Homalomena does well in normal household conditions but be sure to keep it away from the heaters and cold drafts. If your home has a dry rather than humid heat, your plant will benefit from regular misting  or you can also opt for a pebble tray.

Soil and Repotting

Homalomena prefers light, well-drained and fertile potting mix which allows breathability for its roots. 

These plants grow best when slightly root-bound so it does not require to be repotted regularly. Repot only when the roots start to visibly show and creep out from the bottom of the pot. 


Homalomena is best propagated by rhizome division. Simply separate well-established crowded plants into smaller pots. 


This plant likes to be fertilised regularly. Use a balanced fertiliser formulated for houseplants. Follow the directions on the label of our Down to Earth organic plant food. If the potting medium is dry, water lightly before feeding to prevent the fertiliser from burning the roots.


Homalomena plants are toxic if ingested and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. 

Possible Issues

Under the right care and conditions, your plant will grow happy and healthy. But here are some issues you may encounter while caring for a Homalomena: 

Mealybugs and spider mites - Keeping the humidity high is key to preventing these pests. The plant is usually resistant to these pests but when spotted, treat immediately with a shower, soapy water or neem oil. Repeat weekly and keep away from other plants until it becomes pest-free. 

Browning leaves - This can be caused by dry air, bruising, irregular watering or a combination of these factors. Adjust your care routine and stick to what works best for the plant. 

Yellowing leaves - Naturally, the older leaves will turn yellow and drop. If multiple leaves drop suddenly, it might be caused by cold drafts or prolonged overwatering. Allow the plant to dry out sufficiently between waterings. 

Patches on leaves - If the patches are brown, it is usually caused by overwatering. Light coloured patches can signal shock from cold water; room temperature is always ideal.