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A secret indoor garden in Joo Chiat

Our showroom and store is located in a 1930s Chinese shop house in the Joo Chiat conservation district of Singapore. It was lovingly renovated in traditional style and has featured in films and magazine articles.

It's a beautiful space to show the potential of plant design. It's also our workshop, where we create living works of art and where we keep our selection of plants and other products not available in our online store.

Get lost in plants and be inspired

Come browse our plants and planters, get guidance on how to pick and care for the right plants and take ideas from our installations. We are located on Joo Chiat Terrace, four doors from the Intan, the private Peranakan Museum. 

Our showroom is open for visits by appointment every day except Monday. Our usual hours of business are 11am-7pm but please let us know in advance when you plan to come as we are a small business and may be working offsite.

If you are interested in hiring our showroom for photo or film shooting, contact us here.