Christmas gift set - Home Styling Kit

We have created a pack full of distinctive styling accessories that will give you something extra to go with your plants. The pack includes a monstera leaf or prickly pear cactus print with hanger, hexagonal design mirror, handcrafted Mexican fabric display mat, glass bird self-watering device, our most popular planter - the Dreamers' Pot, and a geometric design magazine rack!

Retail prices of contents for reference (total value $114)
1 x Geometric Magazine rack $30 (25.5cm x 38cm tall x 10cm depth)
1 x Hanging picture $15 (23cm wide x 31cm tall)
1 x Mexican handmade display mat (45cm x 45cm, 5 varieties, see below) $12
1 x Hexagonal gold mirror $30 (24cm x 24cm)
1 x Self-watering tool - (2 varieties, click here to view) $13
1 x Dreamers Pot (3 varieties, click here to view) $14
1 x Tumbleweed Christmas card

Note: Product varieties for each pack will be allocated by Tumbleweed.