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Ficus Bonsai Over Rock


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Image Originated in Southeast Asia
Image Best under bright indirect light
Image Once or twice per week. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged.
Image Easy to care, Quick to grow, Perfect for Beginners 
Image Toxic to human and pets. When eaten it can cause burning and swelling of the lips, tongue and throat and it can cause nause, vomiting and diarrhea.


Plant height/length:  Around 15-20cm.

Pot size:  Cement planter. Height: 8cm, diameter 10cm, pot base 10.5cm


The Ficus Bonsai over rock is a stunning addition to any indoor space. This bonsai is native to Southeast Asia and is commonly grown as a houseplant. It is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts due to its natural ability to adapt to various growing conditions.

The Ficus Bonsai over rock prefers bright, indirect sunlight, but can also tolerate lower light conditions. It is important to avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. Watering should be done once the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. It is essential to keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged, as overwatering can lead to root rot.

Plant care for the Ficus Bonsai over rock involves regular pruning and shaping to maintain its unique appearance. It is important to remove any dead or yellowing leaves and branches to encourage new growth. Fertilizing every two weeks during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer can also help promote healthy growth.

Overall, the Ficus Bonsai over rock is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and low-maintenance bonsai plant that can thrive indoors with minimal care.

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If you want more information about this plant before you buy, check out the Ficus section of our Plant Glossary.

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