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The Future is getting Greener!

In cities around the world people are looking for ways to connect with nature and are turning to plants. Keeping plants helps us feel a connection to living, growing things while much of our time is spent in the digital world. They also help to sustain the planet by cleaning the air and reducing CO2. So, they're an essential part of modern urban living and their influence on us city dwellers is set to grow and grow.

How so?

We believe that people are waking up to the value of plants to their everyday lives, not just as a means to decorate a space but also for the joy and well-being they bring us. We believe this will lead to a shift in living and working patterns so that much greater emphasis is placed on plants as part of the design of our homes and workplaces. We believe, therefore, that we should all pay more attention to the way we incorporate plants into our indoor spaces and give them the prominence they deserve.

We do better looking plants for homes and business

Tumbleweed is an independent plants business focused on indoor plants and plant design. We differ from traditional plant sellers and service providers because we combine our understanding of plants with a knowledge of interior design and leading taste. We use all of this to provide consumer-ready solutions. Our tagline - Plants with Style - underpins everything we do. We provide our customers and clients with better looking plant displays and do the hard work for them. By doing so, we hope to inspire more people to bring more plants into their everyday lives.

The best range of planters to make a stylish indoor green space

Combined with our selection of the most interesting and in trend houseplants, we source the best looking display pieces from around the world, promoting independent craftspeople wherever we can. We have one of the widest collections of contemporary planters available anywhere and many of our products are only available in Singapore at our stores. We'll also tell you what you need to know to design and care for your plants.  The best place to experience our stuff is in our store in Tiong Bahru but you can get a good idea by following our Instagram, where we post regularly – consider it free inspiration :)

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We serve and support our community

We are proud to be a business with a connection to our communities. One recent initiative sees us promoting a local young artist that we're fans of. You can see her paintings in our products section. We're giving all proceeds from the sales to the Garden City Fund, so the natural environment of Singapore can stay strong as the city grows.

Where will we go from here?

You decide. The more of you that believe, like we do, that plants deserve more attention and support us, the more we'll grow our product offering and come up with new services and initiatives to help you get the plants you want. We invite you to join us on the journey to a Greener future!


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