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What is Happiness Guarantee?

At Tumbleweed Plants, we prioritize the well-being of our plants and your satisfaction. That's why we offer a comprehensive guarantee to ensure your happiness with every purchase with us.

10 Day Plant Guarantee

10-Day Plant Health Guarantee:Our quality selection process and Plant Care support guarantee that your plant will survive and thrive through this adjustment period. If your plant dies* within the first 10 days of arrival, we'll replace it for you free of charge.

Coverage: If your plant perishes within 10 days despite adherence to our care guidelines, we will provide a replacement at no extra cost.

Conditions: Issues must be reported within the first 10 days. The death of the plant should not result from neglect or improper care.

Process: Please reach out to our Plant Care team with photos and a detailed account for a diagnosis and tailored care advice. If the plant fails to survive after these steps, it qualifies for a replacement.

Limitations: One replacement is available per plant. Please note, shipping costs incurred after the initial 7 days will be the responsibility of the customer.

All plants are covered by 10-day guarantee. The intention of this guarantee is to provide ease of mind on the quality of plants that we deliver. Should there be issues for the plants within 10 days of delivery, please consult our customer service team with your order number.

Our Plant Care specialist would provide you with care advice.During this adjustment period (this might be beyond the 10 days of arrival), as certain plants do take awhile to get used to the environment, our first step would be to ensure your journey to successful plant parenthood. our team would assist you on this journey. And after these adjustments, should the plant still dies, it qualifies for replacement.

1. Should you spot any issues with the plants from the day you receive it, do share images and reach out to our customer service team.

2. We will assist to diagnose any potential issues and reccomend adjustments if required.

3. Despite the adjustments and best effort in care, if the plants dies* within the adjustment period, we will offer an replacement.

4. Should the same plant be not available, an alternative would be suggested to you. In addition, there are times where a plant might not be suitable for your space that have been selected. in those cases, we would offer an alternative.

*We do not offer a cash refund for our plant guarantees.

We only replace plants that are dead, or extremely sick.Some examples but not limited to:

1) All/Main Branches are dry and brittle

2) All foilages have fallen off within days of receiving it.*Do note that some plants might have minor blemish, and cosmetic damages, these does not qualify for free replacement.If a product is disposed of before a resolution is confirmed, any option for a replacement or compensation will be nullified.

Living plants are to be cherished for their unique shapes and inherent beauty. Like us, they are sensitive and may sometimes display minor imperfections or signs of stress, which are often manageable. With proper lighting and care, your plant will adapt and grow along with you.

It’s important to recognize that the following characteristics are natural and do not qualify for a replacement:

Discolored Foliage: Browning tips and edges are common and can be easily trimmed or removed.Leaf Drop: This is typical during changes in environment or seasons, as the plant adjusts to its new setting.

Leaning Plants: Plants that lean due to being top-heavy can be supported by staking or tying to ensure they stand upright.

The Scratch Test: This simple test is crucial for assessing the vitality of your plant. Gently scratch a small area on the stem or trunk with a sharp object like a coin or fingernail. If you discover green and moist tissue beneath, your plant is alive and well, ready to grow new leaves. Conversely, if the scratch reveals dry, black, or brown tissue, it indicates that the part of the plant is deceased and can be pruned away.

Good Looking Plants Guaranteed

We’re a team of plant lovers with a low tolerance for bad aesthetics so you can be sure our plants will look the part.

With a changing selection of trending houseplants and the biggest collection of planters to choose from, you’ll always find something you love.

Healthy Plants

We take pride in assuring the good health of every plant we deliver. Through meticulous care in our greenhouses, combined with our dedicated delivery drivers, we guarantee that each plant will arrive in excellent condition.


All plants are covered by our guarantee on the day of arrival. Although slight weariness or minor cosmetic blemishes might arise as your plants adapt to their new environment, rest assured that we are committed to assisting their flourishing journey in their new home.

Replacement Assurance

Should the rare circumstance occur where your plant arrives lifeless or sad, we will be more than happy to send you a complimentary replacement plant. The replacement will be packed in a grower pot, and we will provide you with clear instructions for repotting. It's important to note that if a particular plant is currently unavailable, we won't be able to offer the same plant as a replacement.

Please get in touch with us within 24 hours of receiving the plant should there be a need for replacement. We are unable to replace plants passing this replacement period due to many other external circumstance that would affect the plants growth.

Damaged Items

If you receive a damaged plant or pot, kindly take a few photos of the affected item and reach out to our Customer Service team within 24 hours of your purchase. We kindly request photos as evidence of the damage, and rest assured, we will promptly replace the damaged portion of your order

Care Product Guarantee

With utmost care, we meticulously choose top-quality products to nurture and enhance the life of your plants. If, within 7 days of arrival, a care product or accessory is damaged or exhibits signs of being defective, we will gladly provide a replacement for your utmost satisfaction.

Order Adjustments

To ensure an exceptional customer experience, we promptly initiate order fulfillment as soon as it is placed. Consequently, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate order cancellations or accommodate requests for changes once the order has been placed.

Personalised support online and off

We offer personalised customer service (with real people). You’ll get the same friendly support to guide you in your plant journey.

Whether it’s plant care, product advice or order updates, we’re ready to help.

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