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Sympathy plants: Express your deepest condolences with a potted plant. You may choose from a variety of foliage plants or blooming plants. Read more about our Sympathy Plants here.

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Sympathy Flower and Plants Etiquette

Sympathy plants are living memorials that can be given to the bereaved's home or placed at the gravesite of a loved one. These gifts provide ongoing comfort and express your lasting compassion. Sympathy plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and include traditional favourites like Peace Lily, Wavy Bird's Nest Fern, and Red Velvet Boat Orchid.

When sending a sympathy plant, choose one easily maintained by the recipient. Many are low-maintenance, but some require extra care. Consider whether the bereaved will have access to water and sunlight or other requirements needed to ensure the plant stays healthy throughout its life cycle.

It is also important to consider how long you would like your condolence gift to last. Some plants, such as peace lilies, offer lasting blooms; while others may only live for a few months before needing to be replaced or given away. Sympathy plants are typically sent directly to the bereaved's home and will include a note expressing your condolences. You can also choose to have the sympathy plant sent to a funeral home, church or gravesite. When in doubt, consider asking your local florist for guidance on the best type of sympathy plants to send and the proper delivery procedure. They will be able to answer any questions and help you find an appropriate plant that is sure to provide comfort and love at this difficult time.

When selecting a sympathy plant, it’s important to consider what best expresses your gratitude and condolences. Plants can be chosen based on the recipient’s tastes and preferences, as well as their environment. Your local florist can help you decide which type of plant would be most appropriate, such as a peace lily or a flowering basket.

If you are unsure what to choose, many funeral homes offer pre-made sympathy plants for purchase. These come in various shapes and sizes and typically include flowers or greenery that will last for weeks or months after delivery. If possible, adding a personalized message card with your gift is also a thoughtful way to express your heartfelt sympathies.

Sympathy messages, such as cards or notes, are a great way of expressing your condolences and sentiments. A simple “Thinking of you” is enough to let them know you care during this difficult time. Additionally, if there are special items that were important to the deceased, such as photos or mementos, then these can be included in the bouquet. This adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and personalization to the arrangement. No matter what type of sympathy flowers you choose, they make for a thoughtful gesture that shows love and support for those grieving. When sending sympathy flowers, it’s important to make sure your arrangements align with the family's wishes. Additionally, if you plan to visit the funeral service or wake, you must bring a floral arrangement.

Types of Sympathy Plants

Flowers are a popular way to offer sympathy and a kind gesture during tough times. Coral phalaenopsis orchids, dwarf purple orchids, and Philodendron Burle Marx plants are all excellent options. The Coral phalaenopsis is associated with peace and innocence that make for an elegant statement of condolence. Dwarf purple orchids stand tall thanks to their long stems and have the added convenience of lasting up to two months with proper care. For those looking for something more low maintenance, Philodendron Burle Marx is quite resilient with its glossy leaves and carefree nature. Regardless of which sympathy plant you choose to give, the act itself will no doubt be deeply appreciated by whoever receives it.

Sympathy Plants in Singapore

When choosing to purchase sympathy plants for someone in Singapore, it is important to select the right time for delivery. Generally, funeral services and wakes are held within a week of a person’s passing, so having your sympathy plants delivered several days before this event would be ideal. For those who wish to deliver their condolences in person, but live outside of Singapore, they may choose to have the flowers delivered directly to the family’s doorstep. This way you can still offer your support while not being able to attend the service.

Sympathy plants come in many forms - fresh-cut flowers, flowering baskets or even potted plants that last longer than other options. Taking care of a potted plant is relatively easy, but there are still some basic guidelines. Place the plant in a spot that receives plenty of light and avoid extreme temperatures like air-conditioning or direct sunlight. Water it regularly and make sure the soil is moist, but not soggy. As with any living thing, caring for your sympathy plants will ensure they last longer and can be enjoyed by the recipient for weeks or months.

Sympathy plants offer comfort and consolation during difficult times, making them a thoughtful gift for anyone grieving the loss of someone special. With their lasting beauty, these arrangements show kindness and support while also paying homage to the deceased’s memory.

If you have other questions about caring for your sympathy plant, contact us for advice and assistance. Sympathy plants add lasting beauty and comfort as a tribute to someone who has passed away and offer ongoing solace during this difficult time of mourning. With proper care, they can become cherished reminders of fond memories that will be treasured forever.

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Sympathy plants are a meaningful way to express sympathy and offer comfort during difficult times. With Tumbleweed Plants' wide selection of green plants, you can find the perfect gift for someone in Singapore who has experienced a loss. Our team is here to help you choose the gift that best expresses your support and appreciation. Contact us today for sympathy plant delivery in Singapore or any other occasion! Thank you for considering Tumbleweed Plants for the perfect flower arrangement or potted plant - we look forward to helping you.


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