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Who we are

Tumbleweed is an independent indoor plants retail brand, established in Singapore in 2016. We make stylish indoor plants easy and accessible to all with great looking houseplant varieties, the biggest selection of planters and indoor plant care essentials delivered to your door, 7 days a week.

We’re a team of plant lovers with a low tolerance for bad aesthetics so you can be sure our plants will look the part.

With a changing selection of trending houseplants and the biggest collection of planters to choose from, you’ll always find something you love.

With islandwide coverage and doorstep delivery 7 days a week in our own vans, we make the experience of plant shopping fuss-free and convenient.

Pick something you like, choose your delivery slot and leave the rest to us.

We offer personalised customer service (with real people). Whether you shop online or in our physical stores, you’ll get the same friendly support to guide you in your plant journey.

Whether it’s plant care, product advice or order updates, we’re ready to help.

Starting out in the ‘hood

We began as a neighbourhood plant shop in a quiet street in Singapore’s heritage Joo Chiat district.

Run from the ground floor of the shophouse home of our founders, Denise and Phil, word spread and the room quickly became too small for all the plants, the customers and their cat, Jonathan.

Plants with style

We’ve become known for providing new and experienced plant lovers with home-ready indoor plants and plant display pieces that look better than the rest.

We combine our passion for plants with a keen interest in aesthetics to help customers create plant displays that elevate their spaces and bring them joy.

Now we come to you

With demand for our products increasing significantly over the last few years we’ve expanded our service to offer a wide range of our plants and plant related products online with delivery to your door.

With our roots in personalized ‘homely’ customer service, we now take pride in providing one of the best plant shopping experiences on the internet. With 7 days a week customer support, some of the best indoor plant resources and same day islandwide delivery available from our plant crazy team, you can be sure your plants are in good hands.

But we’re not leaving the hood behind

Far from it. We will always be a business with a deep connection to our communities. You can come see us at our physical stores in Tiong Bahru and Joo Chiat to touch, smell and be inspired by plants and to chat with our friendly team.

To help the city’s natural environment stay strong as urban development grows, we donate monthly to the Garden City Fund so new trees will be planted as long as we’re around.

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