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Deals of the Week

Deals of the Week are special discounts or promotions we offer on potted plants, planters and other products in our store. Save big on selected products this week! Enjoy new planters with a free one when you purchase one.

Deals of the Week may feature a variety of planters, including:

Egg Pots: Our egg pots are half bowl shaped cement terrazzo planters in medium-small and large sizes and in three colours: white, orange-pink and grey-green. Cement is a common material for contemporary planters due to its strength and durability. These planters are intended for indoor use. If you're searching for plant pots to accentuate your modern home, these cement terrazzo planters are the perfect choice! Small ones pair well with bushy trailing plants like Tradescantias and Money Plants, while larger sizes fit taller growing large sized plants such as Ficus Elastica and Philodendron Imperial. With so many options available, there's no doubt that these stylish terrazzo plant pots will add a touch of beauty to any room in your house!

Large White Terrazzo Cylinder Planter: These large cement terrazzo planters combine a clean white colour, attractive small black, grey and orange terrazzo piece design and a neat cylindrical shape that suits a variety of large plants. The Large White Terrazzo Cylinder with all varieties of large sized upright growing indoor plants, including Rubber Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and Areca Palms. This cement terrazzo plant pot suits modern home styles.

Grey Terrazzo Pot: Our Grey Terrazzo Pot is the perfect size for a range of plants. The grey colour gives it a modern look, while the terrazzo pieces add a touch of texture. This pot suits any setting, from an office to a living room. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and it's perfect for plants such as Chinese Money Plants or Calatheas.

It's easy! Just use the coupon code provided when you place your order. Discount will be applied upon checkout.

You can find Deals of the Week by checking the websites. We also send out newsletters, be sure to check out our weekly emails to take advantage of discounts we offer.

While buying products on sale can be a great way to save money, it's important to make sure you're still getting a high-quality product that will meet your needs. Be sure to check the materials, size, and drainage of the planter before making a purchase.

Order Deals of the Week

To place an order for Deals of the Week on planters, you will need to check-out using the coupon code provided. We update our codes, so be sure to checkout our latest deals. Once you have applied this at checkout, the discount will be applied to your order. Remember, our Deals of the Week are limited and only available while stocks last!

Tumbleweed Plants offers a standard delivery time. When you purchase planters through Deals of the Week, please allow an extra 1-2 days for your order to arrive. Other than planters, we offer a selection of household plants, gifting plants, plant care supplies and more. Order from us today!

Deals of the Week: Save big on selected products this week! 

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