Plant of the Month: ZZ Plant for March

Posted on March 08 2023

March is the perfect month to show some love to the ZZ Plant! Pisceans are naturally nurturing, however they can easily drift into their own thoughts and neglect mundane tasks like watering schedules. For the compassionate Water sign that doesn't always thrive in the ordinary, ZZ Plants are perfect as they will carry on growing regardless of fluctuating conditions similar to those experienced by Fish of the zodiac.

Origins of the ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant, or scientifically known as the name "Zamioculcas zamiifolia," is a tropical perennial native to eastern Africa with glossy succulent foliage. The leaves are rich in Green hue and can even be tinted purple. This ancient plant has been around since the mid-1800s when it was discovered by German botanists Karl Koch and Wilhelm Zeyher.

Tips on How Best to Care For a ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in most homes with minimal attention. It prefers indirect light and should be watered whenever the soil feels dry. With its glossy green leaves and deep roots, the ZZ plant will bring beauty to any room it inhabits. As an added bonus, this sturdy ornamental is considered to be one of the air-purifying plants, too.

But most importantly, the ZZ Plant will offer Pisces emotional support and a reminder of how strong they can be when life gets tough. It's an easy way for Fish to practice patience, care and balance on a daily basis - all things that are necessary for any water sign to thrive. So show some love this month to the ZZ Plant and let it bring life and peace into your Piscean home!

Benefits of Having a ZZ Plant in Your Home

This houseplant is a beautiful evergreen that adds lush green to a space. The leaves of the ZZ plant are long, smooth and glossy and can reach up to three feet in height. Its thick stems are very sturdy, making it ideal for areas where children or pets may be playing. The ZZ Plant is also known to improve air quality, helping to reduce the presence of toxins in your home.

The ZZ plant can also help Pisceans find balance and harmony in their lives by offering them a low-maintenance form of self-care. As they nurture this hardy houseplant, Pisces will learn patience and resilience -- two traits that will serve them well as they continue on their life journey. So give yourself a break this month and show some love to the ZZ Plant! You won't regret it!


Give a Gift of the ZZ Plant

This plant is also incredibly resilient, surviving in nearly any condition it's placed in - just like Pisceans! This feature makes it ideal for those who don't always have time to tend to plants or worry about caring for something fragile.


Show your Piscean loved one love and appreciation this month with a gift of the ZZ Plant. It's the perfect way to show someone you care about them, and will serve as an ongoing reminder of their strength and resilience when life gets tough. Plus, it'll offer them an opportunity for easy self-care that requires minimal maintenance. So why not show some love today with a ZZ Plant?