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Low Light Houseplants For Your Space

If you’re looking for a plant that can survive in low light, these are some of the best options:

- Snake Plants: Snake plants have sword-shaped leaves with yellow or white markings. They’re great for darker rooms because they only need minimal light to thrive and don’t require frequent watering.

- Pothos: Pothos has heart-shaped leaves and can survive in low light. It does require a bit more moisture than snake plants, but is still an ideal option for darker rooms.

- ZZ Plant: The ZZ plant is a great choice for dark spaces because its glossy leaves can tolerate less sunlight. They’re also incredibly hardy and only need to be watered every few weeks.

- Spider Plants: Spider plants are known for their long thin leaves that create the appearance of spider webs. They’re straightforward to take care of and thrive even in low-light environments.

These four plants are easy to look after and make amazing additions to any room in your home, regardless of how much light it gets. Visit our collection for more low-light houseplant options!

It’s not enough to find the right plant—you also need to know how to care for them properly. Here are some tips on caring for your low-light houseplants:

Water regularly: Make sure you water your plants consistently. Some varieties may require less frequent watering, but all of them should have a consistent and reliable water supply to thrive.

Adjust the amount of light: If your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, make sure you adjust the amount of artificial lighting accordingly. You don’t want to overwhelm your plants with too much light!

Position your plants properly in the right spots and make sure they don’t get too hot or cold. Some low-light plants can tolerate cooler conditions better than others, so do some research on the variety you have before you settle on a spot.

Repot regularly: Make sure to repot your plants every few years. This helps ensure that their soil stays fresh and provides enough nutrients for growth.

Low-light houseplants are an ideal addition to any home, no matter how dark. With proper care, these plants will thrive and bring life into any space! Visit our collection today to find the perfect plant for your home or office.

When searching for a houseplant that doesn't require constant sunshine, Anthurium Flamingo Pink, Lucky Bamboo Plant and Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid are prime contenders!

These plants thrive in low or indirect lighting and will add character to any home. Anthuriums require minimal upkeep with frequent watering to keep their vibrant pink leaves looking their best. Lucky Bamboo Plants are just that- lucky! Not only can you keep them nearly anywhere in the house, but they also don't even need soil to survive. Lastly, when it comes to the Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid, it's easy to get creative and explore some unique planting ideas. With waxy purple petals and striking green stem accents, this powerful indoor ornamental spruces up your living space! So if you're on the hunt for an easy-care houseplant, why not give one of these three options a try?

Yes, Monstera is a low-light plant. The hardy and showy leaves of the monstera make it an ideal choice for darker rooms that don't receive as much direct sunlight. It needs bright indirect light to thrive, so it's perfect for bathrooms or any other room that doesn't get a lot of natural light. Just be sure to water your monstera regularly—it likes plenty of moisture! With proper care, this beautiful plant will bring life into any dull space in your home.

Pothos plants are a favorite of many houseplant enthusiasts, especially when they struggle in surviving low-light living rooms. If you're looking for an easy-to-care-for and versatile plant suitable for such conditions, then the pothos might be a great option! Highly adaptable, this plant can thrive in bright points of indirect sunlight to those living rooms with lower light levels. Perfect for gifting too, this robust houseplant is one of the few living beings that can live in even medium-to-low light areas and require little maintenance. So if you're unsure about introducing houseplants into your living room due to lack of light, why not give it a go with the attractive and easy-care pothos?

Orchids make delightful housewarming gifts and birthday presents. What better way to mark a special occasion than with a beautiful, exotic bloom? As houseplants go, orchids are unique in that they do not require much light to thrive many of them can suffer from too much direct light. Proper plant care for an orchid means providing it with bright indirect light, low humidity, and occasional watering. Keeping up this routine is sure to result in the successful growth of your houseplant!

Desk Plants

Decorating your desk with low-light plants is a great way to add some life to your workspace. Not only do low-light plants require less maintenance, but they also make for pet-friendly decor too. My favourite low-light plant for desks has to be Sansevieria Trifasciata (also known as Snake Plant). This species of low-light plant has stunning variegated green and yellow foliage and is known for being low maintenance and very resilient – perfect for small spaces! Plus, its air-cleaning properties make it a great addition to any workstation.

If you're looking for an indoor plant that can thrive in low-light conditions, the Aloe plant is an excellent choice. This medium-sized succulent requires very little water with minimal care and grows best in bright, indirect light near a sunny window—perfect for any kitchen! For optimum health and growth, re-pot your Aloe once a year using repotting tools such as gloves, pruning shears, small shovels, and soil mix to provide extra drainage and nutrition. With proper care and maintenance of its uniquely textured leaves adorned with off-white or yellow blooms, this striking decoration will bring a big dose of life and colour to any indoor environment.

Potted plants are a popular way to brighten the home, and succulents are no exception! Although succulents generally prefer bright, sunny conditions, they can survive in low light. If you want to try growing succulents with less lighting, group them in potted plants or seed trays. This will improve airflow and reduce the amount of water needed -- two critical factors that can help support their survival even in lower-light environments. With patience and attention, you can successfully keep these remarkable creatures alive even when bright sunshine isn't readily available.

Low Light Houseplants For Delivery in Singapore

Tumbleweed Plants is an amazing, one-stop shop for all your low-light houseplant needs in Singapore! Not only do they offer a wide range of beautiful plants perfect for various lighting situations but they also provide accessories such as plant stands and trays to ensure the plants look their best in your home. Furthermore, Tumbleweed Plants don't just stop at plants - they've got other great non-plant items such as tote bags, gift vouchers and plant-themed games for kids that make great gifts or simply add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. From online delivery services to their Tumbleweed shops, Tumbleweed Plants has you covered when it comes to getting your low-light houseplants delivered in Singapore!


Low-light houseplants are an ideal choice for those who don’t have access to a lot of natural light, but still want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of having plants inside their home. Read more about our low-light plant collection here.

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Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

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