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The Future Is Green!

Forget the search for gold, plants are worth way more. They take away our carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. They soothe our eyes and nourish our souls. They're companions that don’t pee in the corner or scratch the furniture!

We do cool looking plants for homes and business

Tumbleweed is here to help you fill your indoor spaces with the most attractive and interesting plants, displayed in stylish and complementary planters. We believe in the power of plants to add joy to your life.

Our style is different

We are an independent plant emporium. We sell plants, planters and accessories with one thing in common – they look and make you feel good. It's our mission to inspire others to make their interior spaces greener and more beautiful. And we want to help you do that as stylishly as possible!

Everything you need to make a stylish indoor green space

We have our own unique style but we encourage you to find yours, through experimenting and mixing and matching our products. We supply everything you need to build your own urban green space and we’ve sought out the best looking stuff. We'll also tell you what you need to know to design, make and care for your own stylish urban greenery.

We're a small friendly business

We're also flexible. We do whatever we can to help.  We sell online and through our showroom based in Joo Chiat. Come and visit us, we’d be thrilled to see you.

Joo Chiat