Take the hard work out of getting nice potted plants

It's not easy for us urbanites to get cool looking plants. You've got to buy the plants, source the planters, re-pot them and hope they stay alive.. Luckily we like doing that and will do it all for you. Sound like a good deal?  

Our plants are different

We have created a unique and large selection of display-ready plants that have been carefully paired with complementary design pieces, looking cool and ready to show in your homes and workplaces. They are all suitable for indoors and we'll be pleased to give you advice on how to care for them.

The coolest plants

We pick out the most in trend houseplants for you to re-pot or display in your own way and we can give you tips on how to make them stand out. We also carry a range of rarer, exotic plants including variegated species. 

Available only online

One of the pioneers of e-retailing plants, shop our large range of selection at TumbleweedPlants.com

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