Here to help you help the earth

Sustainability is at the roots of everything we do. Here to help you help the earth.

Like many others we’re concerned for the future of our planet and the potentially irreversible impact of human development on the climate. It’s been driving us since day one. We believe that people in cities all over the world want to stay connected with nature and don’t want their consumer choices to conflict with environmental responsibility. 

Plants are a perfect companion. They produce oxygen and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Even the little ones you keep on your bedroom window sill.

About the plant supply chain

Although living plants are the end-product, like all supply chains, the plant supply chain is not without faults. There is waste, plastics use and carbon emissions. There are many things that could be done in a more environmentally friendly manner. 

Here are some of the ways that Team Tumbleweed is minimizing our impact on the environment. 

Plant sourcing

We source readily available plants from trusted locally based growers and suppliers with appropriate procurement practices. We restrict our airfreight imports of plants to less common, higher value varieties to minimize our carbon footprint.


We love nice packaging as much as anyone but, with mountains of waste produced every day in our city, we know there needs to be a balance. From the wrapping of plants to the product labels we use (like the biodegradable labels on our Down to Earth. range) we make considered choices about packaging so that it’s protective and convenient but does not give rise to excessive waste.

When you buy a plant from us, we wrap the leaves with paper to protect them and place it in one of our recyclable paper bags. We also reuse supplier packaging including bubble wrap and cardboard boxes wherever possible to minimize waste.


We reuse our plastic plant pots until they can’t take it anymore and we give them away to customers for free (just ask next time you are in one of our stores). We use paper wrapping for more than 95% of our plants, though we still use some plastic wrapping for some large plants for which we are working on finding a better solution.

Plant a tree pledge

We support sustainable urban development by planting a tree every month through monthly donations to Singapore’s Garden City Fund. To know more about this initiative and to see how many trees we’ve planted, take a look at our Plant a tree pledge page in the footer below.