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Pot: matte white cylinder

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Planter Info

Plant Info

Size: Mini

Family: Succulent

Plant Characteristics

These once deserted plants have now become a household name. Succulents became a craze in recent years and continue to be popular with their amazing range of shapes, colours and styles.

Water:1-2 Times/Month



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Image Native to southwest Africa
Image Best under bright indirect light
Image About once every two weeks, allow soil to completely dry out between waterings
Image Easy to care, Drought tolerant
Image Toxic if ingested, best practice is to keep out of reach of kids and pets.


Plant height/length:  around 8-10 cm

Pot size:  Repot from 9cm plastic grow pot.


Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata, a rare and highly sought-after trailing succulent, captivates with its long, slender green stems adorned by a cascade of green and white pearl-shaped leaves. Known as variegated 'String of Pearls' or 'String of Beads,' this succulent variety is truly unlike any other.

With proper care, this trailing beauty grows rapidly, making it an excellent choice for a house plant. Its unique foliage adds an eye-catching allure as the leaves gracefully cascade downward. For the best display, position it on a high shelf or allow the stems to trail down when planted in pots or containers, creating a stunning contrast in any outdoor arrangement.

When grown indoors, 'Variegated String of Pearls' thrives in a bright room with ample natural light. Outdoors, place it in a sunny spot, but provide partial shade during extreme heat. Like most succulents, overwatering poses a risk to Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata, indicated by swollen or burst 'pearls.' To avoid this, use well-draining soil to keep the roots dry and healthy.

The key to success lies in finding the right balance of watering. Employ the 'soak and dry' method, giving them a good watering when needed, followed by a dry period to promote root growth and ensure adequate oxygen supply. Following this watering regimen will help your Variegated String of Pearls flourish, showcasing its unparalleled beauty both indoors and outdoors.

Important to know: As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary. 


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