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Amongst all your habits and predilections, your plant addiction may be the (only) one you don't have to worry about.

Even if she doesn't know a philodendron from a pilea, she's not going to frown over your collection. But just in case she tries, remember:

  1. they purify the air in your home (so they're good for your health)
  2. they soak up CO2 (so they're mitigating climate change) and
  3. they teach you the value of patience and nurture (so they're making you a better person)

So there Mum, it's the best habit you ever had! 

If that still doesn't work, then you'll have to show her. Here are some ways you can get her on board.



  Get Directions to our stores at JOO CHIAT or 




And just in time for her special day this Sunday, we have the brand new collection from Capra Designs launching this week for the first time in Singapore!


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As we all rightly focus on how to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our world, more ecologically-friendly alternatives like ceramics are getting more attention.

Here at Tumbleweed, we're as interested in ceramic arts as we are in plants.  We thought it would be fun to drill in to that interest further, so we have a short history lesson for you. Are you paying attention at the back...?


Ceramics is another English word we have the Ancient Greeks to thank for (κεραμικός). Roughly defined as man-made materials essential to our everyday lives, they include a wide range of products including bricks and glass but are most often understood to mean products made from clay that are fired at high temperatures (which we call pottery) and we've been making them since 25,000 BC according to Archeologist estimates.

This part of ceramic-making has evolved but remained a constant part of human life ever since. 

Earthenware and Terracotta

The earliest pottery made was earthenware. Earthenware (sometimes also referred to as "Terracotta" - literally meaning baked earth in Italian) is characterised by being non-vitreous, ie it absorbs a certain amount of water because the relatively lower heat at which the clay is fired does not allow it to 'fuse' into a state that is impenentrable to water. For that reason, earthenware pots are considered good for planting in because small amounts of water can pass through the pot, serving to enhance evaporation and soil drainage.



Around 2000 BC, a new form of pottery - stoneware - was developed in the area that is modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India, by firing a particular type of clay at higher temperatures, which resulted in a harder, more vitreous material. Stoneware was also developed in China and became widespread there from the start of the first millennium AD. It was about 1000 years later when it came to Europe and was in widespread production and use there from the 1600s.



The third main category of pottery, porcelain, was developed in China in the period 0-800 AD by firing a particular type of clay, Kaolin, at very high temperatures which results in a harder, completely impermeable white material that is easy to sculpt and paint. It therefore became the preferred type of pottery for decorative pots, vases and plates and became one of China's most important exports.

First in other parts of Asia and northern Africa and then in Europe, painted porcelain became a highly sought after product and reached its high point during the 17th and 18th centuries, when many European porcelain companies were created to import or make their own "China", the word that was generically used to describe China's impressive porcelain products.


Pottery as a handicraft

Over time almost all of the inhabited regions of the world developed their own ceramic pottery-making traditions and styles and pottery-making became not just a means of producing everyday utility vessels but also a means of expressing creativity and an art-form.

Earthenware products, such as your standard terracotta plant pot, stoneware, like the venerated Japanese raku-ware tableware and fine porcelain products are all still made all over the world in an astonishing array of styles reflecting the environment and traditions of the people who make them and giving pleasure to people like us, who love to discover them.

Inspiring ceramicists

We hope this first endeavour into a more detailed blog piece inspires some of you who may be budding potters, ceramic collectors or plant-lovers with style to replace the plastic in your life with some pottery.  If you have comments to share, we welcome them, please drop us an email. 
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It's become clear to us that Singapore is a nation of budding houseplant enthusiasts!

We're seeing more and more of you come to ask for tips and guidance to help you grow your plant collections.

And we absolutely want you all to become proficient houseplant carers. So we're delighted to have been given the opportunity recently to contribute to some knowledge development pieces for the media.

Check them out below. They might just help you keep your favourites looking great.  Happy viewing!

1. Essential Tips to Keep Houseplants Alive and Nail that #Jungalow Look article by 8 Days

2. How to Re-pot a Plant video by Singapore Women's Weekly

3. Get Inspired by the Houseplant Lovers of Singapore, a wholly Tumbleweed video production :)


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We hope you've been enjoying visiting the new Tiong Bahru store? We've had a fantastic, warm welcome to the neighbourhood, which makes us feel like we belong :)

If you have visited and liked it, pretty please can you give us a google review to help us get accepted in our new 'hood? We read them and we do care what you all think.

Next up for us is the Boutique Fair. This edition will be running 29-31 March at the F1 Pit Building. As usual we'll have a booth in the Boutiques Social area, on the 3rd floor near the dining space. 

We have a brand new range of ugly-cute planters we'll be launching at the Fair and many, many beautiful plants, ready to take home and make you smile.

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Today we formally announce the launch of our second store in the beautiful Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. 

We've made final tweaks to the display, filled up the shelves with the plant varieties you like and our best looking planters and the repotting table is clear for action. In short, we're ready to help Tiong Bahru do plants with style!

Thank you so much to all of you who came to visit us this weekend, during our soft launch. We hope you like the shop and will be back to see us soon.

We knew we had picked the right location for good looking stuff when we spotted Henry Golding over breakfast in TB Bakery. Henry, if you read this (which is admittedly an unlikelihood), sorry for disturbing your breakfast - we'd love to help you choose a nice plant for your place next time you're in town!

55 Tiong Bahru Road,
#01-02, 160055
(next to Chapter 55 on the corner of Tiong Poh Rd)

11am-8pm Tuesday - Friday  
10am-7pm Saturday and Sunday
Closed Mondays

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Last year when we finished our trial in Orchard we asked you where we should go next.

Some of you had a great suggestion that matched our aspirations exactly. So we checked it out, managed to find a perfect spot and can now announce that your neighbourhood plant shop will be coming to a new neighbourhood very soon!

We'll be launching our second permanent store full of gorgeous plants and planters on 1st March and we can't wait to open our doors.  Expect more of the plants with style that you've come to know from Singapore's houseplants specialist.

We'll be announcing the location with images in our next blog post. Look out for teasers and giveaways in the meantime on our Instagram. Stay tuned!

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Xin Nian Kwai Le!

Xin Nian Kwai Le!

The Tumbleweed team wishes you a perky, potent, plant-filled year of the pig!

We've got plans (and plants) to help your interiors look even better, make your air fresher and most importantly make your feel happier in your homes in the year ahead. Stay tuned!

We'll be closed for the public holidays on 5 and 6 February but otherwise we'll be here to help you green your home with style

There's a week left of our New Year promotions. Come take a look before end of Sunday 10 February to get discounts on plants and planters and start the new year with new shoots!

A very Happy Lunar New Year to all of our customers and friends. 

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At this time of the year - when you're thinking of a good clear out but everybody seems to be adding extra to their bill - we thought you could use some help refreshing your home, while saving some cash for the Hong Bao..

So we've decided to put some of our planter ranges on promotion. From today for the next 3 weeks (ending midnight 10 February) we're offering the following 3 promotions to help you start the new year with a cool look to highlight your beautiful plants!

Browse the collection -  HERE


Browse the collection - Undecided Pots Petroglyph Pots / Black and White Cylinders / Africa Pots / Peranakan cubes) 


1. one use per offer per customer
2. only one offer may be used at a time
3. subject to availability
4. Delivery costs may apply for online orders
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Hello and Happy New Year from your neighbourhood plant shop!

We've decided to start 2019 responsibly, by reducing our waste and helping you minimise your environmental impact when you shop with Tumbleweed. We're gonna do this in three ways and the good news is you stand to benefit from each!

First, we want to REDUCE the amount of packaging we give you. We know you need something to help you carry away your new plants and you love our Tumbleweed paper bags, so we're not going to stop giving them, but as an incentive to reduce the volume, we're going to give $2 off every order at our store when you don't take any bags. So remember to keep hold of them and bring them back next time!

We also go through mountains of plastic plant pots that we try to REUSE as much as possible but we still end up with lots sitting spare. From now on we will be giving these away to anyone who wants them - we know lots of you like to do your own propagation. Simply ask us next time you're in store and we'll try to find one that's the right size for you. Note, we don't clean them, so you will need to do that at home.

We want to help you RECYCLE your waste too! If you run a business that produces coffee grounds or egg shell waste, please get in touch! We are interested to take the waste from you to use as organic fertiliser which we'll use and distribute free to our customers. Customers - just bring along a container to take it away and you can take as much as you want :) 

Community engagement and sustainability are core to our ethos and these are some of the ways in which we'll make a contribution. If you have ideas for other things we can do, we'd love to hear from you, please get in touch to let us know. Click Here To Email Us

Wishing you a great year ahead.

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A very Merry Christmas to all of our friends, customers and associates.

It’s been our pleasure helping you with your plants in 2018 and we wish you lots of success, love and happiness in the New Year to come.

Love and best wishes,

The Tumbleweed Team x

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