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Now the F1 has been and gone, time to clear the air!

Back in May, we launched a joint initiative with artist Danielle Tay to raise money and awareness about the benefits of plants to the ecological balance of our urban environment. 

From the proceeds of sales of Danielle's limited edition art prints through our stores, Tumbleweed and Danielle Tay have just donated $900 to the Garden City Fund's "Plant a Tree' campaign. This will permit 3 new CO2-eating trees to be planted in our city - a Danielle Tay tree, a Tumbleweed tree and a 'you guys' tree! 

Danielle has been busy lately; you may have seen her art on display at the rising CapitaSpring on Market Street in the CBD, Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik and the Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard road.

Graciously, she has committed to keep producing her range of prints for this initiative exclusively for sale through Tumbleweed so long as people want to buy them. So click above or ask in store next time you visit if you're interested to get one before Danielle becomes even more celebrated as an artist.

And we'll keep planting more trees!

CapitaSpring on Market Street


Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard road


Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik 

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Get some of the most stylish planters in the world, exclusively in Singapore at Tumbleweed!

Capra Designs produce some of the best looking planters around. Run by Melbourne-based artist, Bianca Lambert, Capra's planters have been a showcase range for us for the last two years and are gaining a stellar reputation in the US market. Their planters are currently available only in Australia, the US and Singapore (through yours truly!)

Their latest collection, Back to Nature, incorporates the sleek lines, simple shapes and earthy colours of Mid-Century Modern design in the desert climate of Palm Springs. And we love the designs!

First launched in our stores in May, Capra's Etch Pots, Banjo Pots and Hanging Dome Planters have been hugely popular with our customers, so we're delighted to have just restocked the collection, with each of the beautiful designs now available again in our stores!

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This week, Tumbleweed turns two!

We've seen some big developments in our second year with the launch of our second store in Tiong Bahru and continuing support from you, our customers, leading us to launch "the most generous customer rewards program in Singapore"*

We like a good birthday celebration and this year we have a real treat for you.

We'll be turning our stores into a veritable planters paradise with more than 40 new planter designs of all shapes, sizes and colours launching at our stores exclusively this weekend! There'll be 20 different designs at each store so be sure to check out each location.

We'll be running promotions all week, including DOUBLE SEEDS earned for all orders until end of Friday. Then if you come see us this birthday weekend we'll have even more offers, including promotions on the new range, giveaways and other treats!

See below for details of the offers. Please note you'll need to be a member to take advantage of these offers so be sure to sign up on our website (click the little green gift icon) before you visit. 

See you soon!

*said a Tumbleweed spokesperson


      Notes ( PLEASE READ)

  • Reward Seeds will not be earned and rewards cannot be redeemed this weekend while the promotions are live
  • The Buy One Take Two offer cannot be used in conjunction with the free planter for orders over $200 offer
  • To reduce waste during the weekend we will not be providing our branded paper bags to customers unless you require one and pay $2 per bag. Please try to bring a reusable carrier with you.


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Many of you have created beautiful plant displays at home with Tumbleweed's help.

Do you wish you could have the same look around you at work?

Well, you can! Because we're also brightening up workspaces around the island!

Whether you work in a traditional office, a coworking space or in retail or F&B, studies show you would feel better and work more productively everyday with an inspiring, well thought-out plants display.

How do Tumbleweed's workplace plants differ?

  1. We have the best collection of planters on the island
  2. We match them with more varied, in-trend houseplant varieties and
  3. We provide styling guidance so you get a display that's guaranteed to be thought through for maximum impact.

Monthly rental packages include maintenance and free plants replacement, so all you have to do is sit back and admire your new environment.

Have a look at these pics of the displays we just created at a fintech company's new space in the reopened Funan mall.

Impressed? Then what are you waiting for... go grab your office manager and hook them up with Tumbleweed.

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Yes folks, the most generous rewards program in town is off to a roaring start!

More than 250 of you have already signed up, earning over 600 points rewards and people like Nikki, Vivian and Sian Lee have taken away free planters or got money off their orders.

Now everytime you buy great looking plants at Tumbleweed you can earn towards getting beautiful planters for them for free! But we're not stopping there... today we launch a new feature - Referral credits. Get a friend to sign up and earn even more points.

A few examples:

- Danny signs up (100 seeds), follows us on Instagram (50 seeds) and spends $50 with us (50 seeds). He earned a free Geometric pot!

- Elaine signs up (100 seeds), follows us on Instagram and Facebook (50 seeds each) and it's her birthday this week (a whopping 200 seeds). She earned a free Terrazzo cube, without spending a dollar!

- Yin Ki visits our Tiong Bahru store and spends $200. Our staff advise her to sign up (100 seeds), so she gets another 200 seeds for her purchase. She then follows us on social media (100 seeds) and refers two friends, who each make an order online (qualifying her for 200 more seeds). When she visits our Joo Chiat store that weekend she spends $150 (150 seeds). She earned a free Cape Town planter in a week!

Signing up is easy - just click on the little green and black gift icon in the bottom right of the screen and input your details.

Enjoy plant shopping at Tumbleweed even more now with easily attainable, meaningful rewards for people who like plants with style!

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What's Hot

What's Hot

Hope you've been enjoying checking out the new range of planters we launched in our webstore 2 weeks ago!

These are the ones that have been selling quickest so far...

*Top Choice* Freckle Pots - We absolutely agree with you on this one! It's a great looking pot with a beautiful textured finish and its neutral tones pair well with almost all plants. 

Large Painted Cement Pots - We had a feeling these would be popular given their size and the matching trays, which take a bit of the work out of watering.

Terrazzo Cubes - Ditto, the tray is a nice plus to a very funky looking pot.

Capra Designs' Etch Pots - Our premium collection from Capra Designs take pride of place on our website and in our stores. You've been loving these Desert Modernism themed pots.

Baobab Vase - These hand carved wooden vases are a great statement piece and you've been in the mood to make a statement!

Buddu Planter - We've got two different sizes available and they've both been proving popular.

Cape Town Planter - These pedestal planters are big and heavy and a fantastic way to display living room plants. Good choice (clap clap)

Jelly Cup Pots - When you've needed a cute pot for a succulent, these have been the most popular choice.

Industrial Plant Stands - A new stand that's BIG! Big enough to house a big leafy plant at home.

We've also had a terrific response to the launch of our rewards program, with many of you already claiming your first cute planters as a free gift! Now you can earn everytime you shop with us - even more temptation to get some more plants into your home :) Have you signed up and started collecting your seeds yet??

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We're thrilled to have now GONE LIVE with our new look website and online store!

We've got more than 50 new planters, stands, hanging pots and accessories for you to browse. They'll also be available in our brick and mortar stores from 2 July.

Take a look around, we've got new features including houseplants maintenance tips and a FREE membership program that will allow you to get exclusive benefits and rewards. See that little green icon on the bottom right of your screen? Click there to register and to reach information on your accrued benefits as you go.

We hope you like the new look and the new collections. Let us know that you think, which products you like and what features are useful. We're here to make great looking plant displays easy for you!

Happy browsing!

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We've been taking time lately to refresh our collections and will be launching our new look website on 1 July!

There'll be new planters, inspiring photos and plants features and rewards available for our customers 😄

Check out the new look site from 1 July!

Your neighbourhood plants store,
Tumbleweed x
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We were told growing up that it’s not just about what you’ve got, (kick-ass plants and cool planters) it’s what you do with them that counts.

So, in that spirit, we have some plant styling tips to share with you this week!

First of all, take a look at this video piece we did for Singapore Women's Weekly, for something to visualise.

Now, first tip - more is more. When you’re trying to create a lush, dense, plant-filled look in a space, you really need to have A LOT of plants. It may take over a hundred to create the look you see on your favourite plant person’s feed and they’ve probably been gathering them for years. Have patience as you build them up but, if jungle is the look you want, don’t be afraid to bring in more plants than you even thought you had room for. You’ll be surprised how easily the space will absorb them.

Next - create some levels. Try to vary the height of your displays with stands, stools and any other secure, flat-surfaced pieces you have on hand. Your space will look much more interesting when the plants appear at multiple, uneven eye levels.

Also - vary the varieties. Even if you are the world’s biggest Aroid / [insert your favourite plant family] fan, you need variety to create an interesting display or you’ll end up looking like a plant farm! Bring in some ferns, succulent varieties, mosses as well as your favourite leafy plants. Wild is a great look- this year’s winning garden at the recent Chelsea Flower Show is proof of that.

DID YOU KNOW? Tumbleweed provides a home plants styling service, including proposing plants and planters to match your home's light conditions and your styling preferences and installation of your chosen pieces in your home. If you're interested in a one-stop plants service, drop us a line to discuss a consultation. Continue reading


* cover image courtesy of the Esplanade

Tumbleweed is all about beautiful interiors incorporating plants and creativity. We love it when we meet people who share that vision like artist, Danielle Tay.

We first got to know Danielle when she designed and painted the mural The Power Plant at our Joo Chiat showroom. Finding out that she is both a plant lover AND a cat lover we had to collaborate with her again, so we asked her to commission some pieces for sale at our stores as an initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of living with plants.

Thankfully, she found some time in her busy schedule for this great cause so we can introduce the following range of 8 paintings that will be on sale from tomorrow exclusively at our stores. Danielle has very kindly made these framed prints available at affordable prices so her message of support for living with plants can reach the maximum audience. 

Each piece contains a handwritten label by Danielle and is part of a limited edition run of 25/50. Prices range from $162-$188 dependent on size. Tumbleweed has agreed to donate its share of sale proceeds to the Garden City Fund, a charity that promotes the protection and enhancement of the natural environment in Singapore. So, all sale proceeds will go directly either to help building a platform for Danielle's art or towards saving and planting more oxygen-giving trees in our city.

Please join us in supporting a talented local Artist and our unique environment by taking home one of these beautiful plants-themed limited edition art prints.

  Intrigued I



It's Winter Time
it's winter timeIntrigued II




Magical Place I 



Storyteller bird

Storyteller Bird

About Danielle Tay

Danielle is a 28 year old Singaporean who trained in fine art at University College, London. She has exhibited worldwide and is gaining notoriety for her dreamy, fun-filled murals, the latest of which you can see here.

Danielle has been heavily influenced in her art by the environment in Singapore and feels passionately that the balance between urban development and the natural world can be supported by people bringing more greenery into their homes. 

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