Make Your Living Room Pop with Perfect Large Plants

Posted on January 13 2023

Your living room is your own personal oasis. You want it to be the perfect retreat for relaxation, comfort, and style. That's where large plants come in. These lush, vibrant beauties have a way of making any room feel well-rounded and inviting. Not only do they bring life and energy into your home, but they can also add a hint of modern sophistication when paired with the right furniture. Most homeowners have a hard time choosing the right plants for their living room. After all, you want something that will bring life and color to your space without looking overbearing or out of place.

Large plants are a great way to make an impression on guests who enter your home. They can transform the look and feel of a room without breaking the bank or taking up too much space. Choose from varieties like fiddle leaf figs, peace lilies, rubber trees, and more—all of which will turn heads with their beautiful leaves. If you're looking to spruce up your living room, then these large plants are sure to do the trick! We've rounded up some of our favorite large plants that are sure to make your living room pop.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

This lush, tropical plant is known for its large, glossy leaves that can add a bold, tropical touch to your living room. It prefers bright, indirect light and should be watered regularly, but allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Known for the visual impact it gives to any indoor space, the Fiddle-leaf Fig is undoubtedly a stunner and a top choice for anyone looking for a statement piece or a focal point at home or in the office. Its broad and iconic, violin-shaped leaves and striking veins earned this plant its name. 

Fiddle-leaf figs prefer lots of bright, filtered light. Place the plant near a sunny spot where it can take in plenty of sunshine throughout the day. Water the plant about once a week and adjust the frequency when the plant shows signs of underwatering or overwatering. 

2. Monstera (Monstera deliciosa)

This tropical plant is known for its large, glossy leaves with distinctive holes or slits. It is a popular choice for adding a touch of the tropical rainforest to your living room. Known for its iconic perforated leaves with dramatic hole formations, the Monstera deliciosa is definitely a top pick for houseplant lovers. While some plants plainly add greenery and air purification to a space, Monsteras are unique because they are effortlessly stylish and decorative, like a treasured furniture. 


As it is a perfect statement piece for any home, it is a good idea to place a Monstera in the living room or where it can get both sufficient attention, light and space to grow.  Make sure to place it in a bright spot and water the soil every week, allowing it to dry between waterings.

3. Bird of Paradise 

Considered as the queen of the indoor plant world, the Bird of Paradise is a popular pick for anyone wanting a tropical flair for their interior space. Its broad, arching, and banana-shaped leaves make a dramatic and tasteful statement piece.  

This plant prefers bright light, so place it in a spot where it can get plenty of sunshine throughout the day. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this plant for many years to come.

4. Areca Palm

The Areca Palm, also known as Yellow Palm, Butterfly Palm or Golden Cane Palm is a stunning tropical plant with striking cane-like stems that sprout from the root system. Its elegant arching fronds are highlighted by long and narrow leaflets which make it the ideal choice for large rooms, hallways, entrances and balconies where bright indirect light can be enjoyed.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance plant, consider the Areca Palm. Just enough water - not too much or too little - will keep this beauty thriving! Aim for moist soil about once per week and experiment with how frequently it needs watering depending on its environment. On top of that, if any fronds become overly long or unruly, don't worry; simply give it a trim without fear of damaging the plant in any way.

5. Money Tree

Pachira aquatica, more commonly known as Money Tree, is a desirable houseplant with Feng Shui-believed powers and the potential to bring good luck and financial success. These mature plants are cultivated in an attractive braided fashion from multiple stems to create a large tree that's sure to be eye catching! Treat your Money Tree with frequent but light waterings, allowing the soil to dry out a bit between each watering. Place it in a spot where it can get plenty of bright indirect sunlight during the day. It also appreciates some humidity, so misting once or twice every week is ideal!

These are five great house plants that will add greenery and beauty to any home while freshening the air at the same time. These large plants are sure to give your living room a makeover and create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Choose one or mix and match for the perfect look.

By selecting plants that can thrive in your space and following some simple steps, you can turn any living room into an inviting oasis. Investing in these statement pieces is sure to add life and character to your home with minimal effort required on your part. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!