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Extra Large Planters: For those looking for a larger outdoor decoration or planter, extra large planters are a perfect choice. Extra large planters are excellent for housing larger plants such as trees and shrubs. Read more about our Extra Large Planters collection here.

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Extra Large Planters

Most people tend to think that larger pots mean bigger plants and faster growth, but the reality is a bit more complicated than that. While it's true that more soil can hold more water and fertilizer, overcrowding can be an issue if the root systems of multiple plants are all in one large pot. Therefore, larger pots aren't always better for promoting faster plant growth. In fact, in some cases, smaller pots may be better suited for this purpose because the roots have less space to spread out and fight for resources. Ultimately, when it comes to choosing a pot size for your plants—larger or smaller —the best approach depends on what you’re trying to achieve and requires research and patience.

It's no secret that plants need a certain amount of space to thrive, but research shows that bigger pots have their perks as well. Larger pots give plants more room to grow, meaning they can extend their roots and soak up nutrients more quickly. With additional soil around them, plants also have access to an extra supply of food, making them grow faster. Additionally, excess soil gives the plant cushioning against imbalances in temperatures or moisture levels. Ultimately, bigger pots are most effective for plants since it provides more resources for growth and the necessary protection against environmental factors.

Gardening is often a tranquil and therapeutic activity, but sometimes the logistics of being a successful gardener can be overwhelming. One especially tricky question many veteran gardeners find themselves pondering is: "What should I put in the bottom of large planters?" Whether you're planting herbs or flowers in your favorite large planters, it's essential to give your plants the best possible conditions for growth. The first step towards success is finding an ideal soil and plant combination. Doing some research can help you identify which soil composition will work best for your specific plants. Then, don’t forget to layer some drainage material at the bottom of your containers before adding soil — this could be beneficial items such as sticks, stones, or gravel to ensure that excess water won’t collect and drown your plants! Once you’ve got the right formula, sit back and enjoy watching your plants flourish in their new home. When it's time to plant in large pots, the type of material you use at the bottom can be just as important as what you put inside.

Planting in large pots without drainage holes may seem like a tricky task, but with just a few simple steps you can successfully create a lush and vibrant garden full of life. The first step is to find the right kind of pot--one without any holes either on the bottom or sides. A good alternative is terracotta pots that have been sealed or glazed, as these will help retain moisture for your plants. Secondly, fill the pot with potting soil to about two-thirds of its total capacity and ensure there is ample space for air and root movement. Finally, be sure to provide proper drainage by adding coarse material into the bottom of the pot--such as stones or earth--just above your potting mix. With this technique, you can enjoy gardening in large pots without worrying about drainage issues.

Repotting a large plant can seem intimidating, but with the right technique, it doesn't have to be. Step one is to select the new pot- you'll want something with good drainage (like terracotta), and only make the switch if you won't be moving your plant any time soon. The new pot should be no more than 2-3 inches larger in diameter to allow room for growth but not so much that the soil stays too wet. When you're ready to repot, lightly moisten the existing soil and then slip off the pot. Taking your time here is essential. Displacement or shock can cause root damage and kill a plant quickly. And finally, place your plant in the new pot, carefully packing fresh soil around the roots so they don't get exposed or suffer any further trauma – once everything's settled into place, give it a good drink of water both directly on its base and around its circumference so those fragile roots are able to access moisture quickly. Repotting your plants may feel daunting at first – but when done correctly it's painless and worth every bit of effort! Our repotting tools make the process a breeze.

Cement is the perfect material for modern planters, as it offers both strength and resilience. Just like Terracotta, cement allows water to pass through - a feature that reduces root rot by aiding evaporation from the soil. Unfortunately, over time this permeability can lead to discolouration of pots. However, painting them will significantly reduce any chance of colour fading away. Additionally, when creating larger plants out of cement you may find that adding fibres into the mix provides extra stability and durability. Depending on the composition cement pots can be relatively lightweight and therefore easier to move around.

Extra Large Planters For Your Plants

Potted plants are a wonderful way to bring a bit of life into your home or outside area. The size of the planter you buy is critical if you want to get the full effect from your plant. If you're looking for something a bit more bold and impactful, then an extra-large planter provides that opportunity! Suitable plants for such a planter include varieties like Oleander, Agave, Photina Red Robin, and Pittosporum Tobira. These plants love the extra width and depth they get with extra-large pots, so they can really spread their roots and flourish over time. With careful maintenance (like regular watering and occasional repotting) these plants can bring color and texture to your outdoor area or indoor space for many years!

When it comes to watering your garden, bigger definitely isn't always better! The larger the planter, the more soil it holds, and subsequently, the more water it needs. This is because a greater quantity of soil will require more frequent watering in order to reach those deeper roots. In fact, plants in large containers may need to be watered twice as often as smaller planters--sometimes even more frequently in particularly hot conditions. Consider investing in a moisture meter to help you determine precisely when your larger plants are ready for a drink! A little extra effort and attention can go a long way toward helping keep your garden blooming throughout the year.

Extra Large Planters Delivery Singapore

Tumbleweed Plants offers an easy and convenient way to get extra large planters, along with a selection of plants and plant care supplies, delivered right to your door in Singapore. With Tumbleweed's wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials from ceramic to concrete and metal, you have the perfect planter for creating a stunning outdoor space. Tumbleweed also stocks all sorts of plant care and gardening tools like plant food, bug-busting sprays and watering cans to help keep your plants healthy and thriving. All orders over 99SGD receive free delivery in Singapore so you can start transforming your garden with ease!

Ordering is easy – simply select the planters of your choice then sit back and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep within days. When selecting larger planters for your home, you must also consider the weight. Larger pots can be more difficult to move if they are made from heavier materials like concrete. We offer pick-up options in our warehouse in Singapore, where you can transport your planters with ease. Alternatively, our delivery services can ensure that extra-large planters arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. Either way, you have peace of mind knowing that your plants are safe and secure!


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