Chinese New Year Plants That Will Bring You Good Fortune

Posted on January 05 2023

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about what plants you want to bring into your home to ensure good fortune for the year ahead! There are many different plants that are considered auspicious during Chinese New Year, and we're going to discuss a few of them in this blog post. If you're looking for a way to bring some good luck into your life, these plants are a great place to start!

Abundance Juniper Bonsai Tree


Juniper bonsai trees are a great way to symbolize good fortune during Chinese New Year and beyond. As a hardy species, the bonsai tree can withstand harsh conditions, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to begin a new year on a positive note. The Abundance Juniper Bonsai Tree is particularly popular as its long needles are believed to bring prosperity and success!


Lucky Bamboo


No list of auspicious plants would be complete without mentioning lucky bamboo! This type of bamboo is said to attract health and wealth, making it the perfect addition to any home looking for a little extra luck in their lives. Lucky bamboo also has great adaptability and will thrive indoors or out, so you won't have to worry about keeping it alive in the winter months.

Money Tree Plant

The money tree plant is a great choice for those looking to bring some extra wealth into their lives during the Chinese New Year. This species has long been said to attract luck and prosperity, and its distinctive five-lobed leaves are believed to be a symbol of good fortune. Plus, it's easy to care for which makes it perfect for even novice gardeners!


Prosperity Plant Arrangement 


Welcome prosperity, luck and wealth all year long with our Prosperity Plant Arrangement in Golden Egg Pot! Choose from a standard or large size that is beautifully paired with assorted CNY decorations in an eye-catching Golden Egg Pot. The standard arrangement features the legendary Pachira money tree and Podocarpus said to bring good fortune according to Fengshui while the larger one includes Snake Plants & ZZ plants believed by many cultures worldwide for their longevity and upward growth symbols.

Good Fortune Plant Arrangement 


Bring luck and fortune into your home this Chinese New Year with these specially curated plant arrangements! Decorated in golden pineapple pots, they feature the Pachira money tree to symbolize Fengshui prosperity. Designed for busy people who want a touch of nature in their lives without all the hassle -- perfect for anyone looking to truly relax and celebrate this new year season!

Beautiful Purple Moth Orchids 


Phalaenopsis Orchids (commonly known as Moth Orchids) are popular houseplants throughout the year due to their dazzling flowers that last unusually long and their ease of cultivation and care. Purple Orchids symbolize admiration. They're traditionally given as a sign of respect, though they can also be gifts of devotion. Moth Orchids are easy to care for indoors. Give them bright indirect or moderate light and, since the potting area of these vases is small, we recommend watering once every 5-7 days. When well looked after, the Orchid's blooms may last for weeks.

With these plants in your home, you'll be sure to enjoy plenty of good luck all year round! Whether you're just starting out or an experienced gardener, each one of these Chinese New Year plants is sure to bring you plenty of good fortune. So why wait? Get your lucky plants today and get ready for an auspicious start to the New Year!