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Hop into Easter with our Potted Plants Collection

Posted on April 06 2023

Surround yourself with hope and joy this Easter season as we bring you a variety of potted plants. Plants are a great way to bring life and beauty into any space, and our potted plants collection has the perfect combination of form and function.  From air-purifying plants to decorative pieces, our wide selection of potted plants is sure to bring you the perfect Easter present or centerpiece. Whether you’re looking for something blooming and bright or a lush and leafy plant, we have it all. All orders come with free shipping, so start shopping now! 


Celebrate Easter with New Life in Your Home or Office

Easter Friday is a special day of reflection and new beginnings. What better way to celebrate than by adding some new life to your home or office with our potted plants collection from Tumbleweed Plants? We have a range of easy-to-care-for plants that are perfect for busy people or those new to gardening.


Get 30% off on Potted Plants Collection

To make your Easter Friday even more special, we're offering a fantastic discount of 30% off on our potted plant collection when you make a minimum purchase of 200SGD. Simply use the code "GOODFRIDAY" at checkout to avail of this offer.

Low Maintenance, Stylish Plant Options

We all want plants in our homes and offices, but finding the time to maintain them can be difficult. That's why our potted plant collection features low-maintenance options that are stylish and hassle free. From succulents, large potted plants, and even air plants, we have something for everyone that won't take up too much of your time.

If you're busy but want to add some life to your surroundings, we have some plants perfect for you. The Mini Money Tree Chocolate Gift Set is an easy-to-care-for plant that can survive in low light conditions, making it perfect for offices or rooms with limited sunlight.

Check out our Spider Plant 'Bonnie' Chocolate Gift Set. This includes a potted plant, decorative pot and chocolates. The perfect gift for any occasion or even as a treat for yourself.

Browse our collection to find the perfect low-maintenance option that fits your style and space! Start decorating your home with nature today.

Statement Plants for Your Home or Office

For those who want to make a statement with their plants, we have some options for you. The Peace Lily Plant is not only beautiful but also easy to care for. Additionally, it produces beautiful white flowers which add a stunning accent to any room.

Our Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Futura Superba' Chocolate Gift Set is also a great choice. This set includes an elegant pot and chocolates, making it the perfect gift or treat for yourself. It's a great way to add some greenery without too much effort. Plus, this plant can tolerate quite low light conditions and even imited sunlight. So you don't have to worry if your room doesn't get much light.

Make Easter special with our Potted Plants Collection from Tumbleweed Plants. With 30% off on a minimum purchase of 200SGD, now is the perfect time to bring some new life into your home or office. Shop online and use the code "GOODFRIDAY" at checkout for an additional discount.


Don't Miss These!

Check out our Mini Assorted Succulents in Adorable Puppies Pots! These cute little pots are perfect for adding a touch of nature indoors, and they make great gifts too. Each set comes with 3 different puppies pots, each housing a different succulent plant. Succulents are easy to care for and require very little water, making them the perfect plant for busy urbanites or anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb!

Our gift vouchers also make perfect presents. They can be used to purchase anything from our online store. So why not surprise someone with a Tumbleweed Plants voucher? 

We also have plant-themed game boards, tote bags, potting tools available as part of our Easter Collection. Get your hands on them now and enjoy the Easter season with some greenery. 

Happy Easter! ;)