Pet Owners and New Mums and Dads - Know about 'Toxic Plants'

Posted on July 05 2021

On Instagram there are tons of images of lush homes filled with cute cats/ dogs/ babies, or all three. You might wonder, how do they do that? Aren't houseplants toxic to them?

pets friendly houseplants

Well, it's true that quite a lot of common houseplants can pose a risk to babies and pets' health if they chew or ingest them—plants like arrowhead plant, golden pothos, english ivy, and more. 

Poisoning can occur from:
  • Eating leaves, or other parts of the plant
  • Ingesting berries, blossoms, or roots
  • Skin contact with sap or juices (e.g. Euphorbias)
  • Eating soil
  • Drinking water from plant tray

There are different levels of plant toxicity. And they also vary between human and pets. Some examples below

 Happily, there are several non-toxic plants to which you don't have to give a second thought. Here are 12 species that are safe for cats, dogs and humans alike and you will be able to find them in Singapore (and of course, at Tumbleweed)

pets friendly houseplants example

How to avoid babies or pets nibbling the plant?

You can check on your plants on ASPCA 's list (click here) of pet-friendly greenery, And if you do currently own any toxic plants but don't want to toss them, consider placing them in a spot your pet / babies can't access. Below are some solutions:

How to avoid babies or pets nibbling the plant? 

How to avoid babies or pets nibbling the plant?

It's best practice to eliminate temptation and place your houseplants out of reach for babies and pets, and it is better to find plants that are safe to keep in the home around your little ones. After all, plants should make you happy, not give you a headache.