Why You Should Add These Great Plants To Your Collection

Posted on May 05 2023

Plants are a great way to bring life into any room and make it look lively and inviting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, these plants are sure to be a great addition to your collection. Collectors take pride in seeking out unique items, and the Collector's Series from our shop offers an opportunity to really make a statement.


Calathea Musaica

Take Calathea Musaica for example- it is one of the rarest Calatheas, and when planted in a Gray Cemento Planter, it will certainly stand out among your belongings. Calathea musaica has an incredible leaf structure that resembles tiny mosaics, hence the name. Apart from its lovely leaves, this prayer plant can tolerate a greater range of lighting than some other Calatheas.


Rose of Jericho Bonsai in Globe

For something a bit more exotic, you can't go wrong with Rose of Jericho Bonsai in Globe - this bonsai requires minimal care yet looks just as stunning as other bonsais. It is also known as the resurrection fern because of its ability to revive after being dry for centuries. Its bright green color and unique shape will bring a touch of nature and life into your home.


Algaonema Trico Camo in Gloss White Planter

For an even more modern take on plants, Algaonema Trico Camo in Gloss White Planter is sure to be a conversation starter. This unique houseplant looks like a combination of three different species and has the texture of camouflage. It requires bright light and medium humidity levels to do its best and will look great in any room.


Whale Fin Sansevieria in Wabi Sabi Coal Planter

For a more traditional look, try Whale Fin Sansevieria in Wabi Sabi Coal Planter. This gorgeous plant is perfect for any home as it requires minimal care and produces lovely green foliage with white stripes. Its unique shape will also give your space an air of sophistication.


Ficus Pandora Benjamina in Charcoal Pot

Finally, Ficus Pandora Benjamina in Charcoal Pot is a great way to bring nature into your home. This fast-growing plant will create an atmosphere of peace with its lush green leaves and intricate branches. It also looks great paired with other houseplants, so you can mix and match them for even more visual interest.


These plants will give your home an instant upgrade, and you can take pride in knowing that you own something truly unique. Whether you are just starting to build your collection or are a seasoned collector, these great plants will be sure to complete any space. So gather up some of these great plants from our Collector's Series and add them to your collection today!