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Small Planters

Small planters are a great option for growing small vegetables and herbs, as well as succulents and house plants. Depending on the size of the container, they can also be used to grow annuals or even shrubs or trees. As long as the plant is suited to your climate and soil type you should have success. If in doubt, check with your local nursery or gardening center.

If you're looking for a new houseplant for a small planter, Kalanchoe in Poppy is a perfect choice. Kalanchoe's cheerful flowers are a bright contrast against its long plump leaves and its growth can be limited by the size of your planter. The Baby Rubber Plant is also an ideal choice for a small planter due to its slow-growing nature, as well as its beautiful patterned foliage and oblong shape. You'll be delighted by the vibrancy these plants provide to any room without needing too much space!

Small pots are ideal for growing a variety of flowers. Depending on the size and shape of your pot, you can grow a wide range of annuals, such as petunias, snapdragons, pansies and impatiens. Smaller pots are great for growing mini-roses, violas and marigolds. If you're looking for something with more height or movement in your planter, opt for tall ornamental grasses like fountain grass or pampas grass. Finally, if you want an evergreen presence in your planter all year round choose low-maintenance succulents like hens-and-chicks.

Small means different things to different people, but in the gardening world, it usually means anything under 10 inches. For those of us who enjoy creating a beautiful environment with limited space, growing flowers in small pots is a perfect solution! Calathea Lancifolia stands out as one of the best flowers to plant in these small vessels. With its lush green foliage and tiny white flowers, Calathea Lancifolia will allow even the most inexperienced gardener to create a stunning display. So if you are looking for an easy but truly remarkable flower that thrives in small pots, Calathea Lancifolia is the perfect choice!

Small-space gardeners have access to a ton of great options for potted flowers. UFO Planters, Polly Planters, and Ruffled Rim Terracotta pots offer perfect mini habitats to grow vibrant petunias, charming primroses, and inviting impatiens. You can even find planters that hold a variety of flowers in just one container, so you can get the most out of your small space! Colorful pansies flanking an entranceway provide a friendly welcome while clematis hanging from porches make quite the statement -- all possible in an array of small pots. For those who don't have the luxury of a full yard or much outdoor space at all - these miniature flower pots have got you covered.

When it comes to small planters, the best soil you can use is a lightweight potting mix. This soil is specially formulated for containers and is light enough to allow air and water to penetrate while still anchoring the plants roots. It also contains essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are necessary for healthy plant growth. Be sure to look for a potting mix that has been pH balanced so your plants don't suffer from nutrient deficiencies due to an overly acidic or alkaline environment.

In addition to using a quality potting mix, you should also consider adding in organic matter like compost or peat moss which can help retain moisture and add additional nutrients when needed. Finally, be sure not to overcrowd your containers

Planters as Home Decor

Upgrade the look of any space with an exquisite and multifunctional housewarming gift – planters! These vibrant decorations are sure to infuse a room with color, style, and personality. Put them in the living quarters for visual delight or fill your kitchen countertop or dining area with herbs. With one thoughtful plant gift, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit it. Spice up even the dullest bathroom by adding some eye-catching planters! Incorporating beautiful ferns and ivy plants into your space is an ideal way to bring life, balance moisture levels, and create a cozy atmosphere. And if that wasn't enough of a bonus - houseplant planters add vibrant colours throughout the room for you to appreciate over and over again.

When it comes to finding the perfect planters for indoors, you have plenty of options. Stylish, large-scale planters can liven up any space and offer plenty of room for your plants to develop. Available in many shapes, sizes, and styles - you're sure to find a piece that will harmonize with your interior design scheme! Small planters are a great focal point when placed on the floor or hung from the ceiling; they also make an impactful statement while saving much-needed floor space when mounted on walls.

Indoor planters can bring a modern and stylish touch to your space. Etched Planters, for example, feature an intricate cut design that adds depth to any apartment or home. Striped Circle Terracotta Pots are great when you want to add some color and texture to the room – perfect for herbs, succulents, or flowers. Yayoi Planters come in dynamic shapes that give a unique look perfect for adding some unexpected style to your living area! With these planters, you can bring a touch of creativity and elegance indoors to make it feel like your own.

Small planters don't have to only be used for plants - you can get creative and use them for other purposes too! Try filling a small planter with colorful stones and pebbles, then add a tealight candle or two inside. This creates an attractive mini fire pit that will look great in any outdoor space. Or try using your small planter as a decorative holder for pencils, brushes, kitchen utensils, or anything else that needs organizing. You can even turn it into a herb garden indoors by planting different types of herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, mint, and more! Finally, you can fill the planter with sand and place seashells on top – perfect for creating a beachy design.

Small Planters in Singapore

If you are looking for small planters in Singapore, Tumbleweed Plants has you covered. Tumbleweed offers a vast selection of planters that come in an array of sizes and shapes that are perfect for whatever you may be looking to plant indoors or out. Whether it’s a succulent, herb or houseplant, Tumbleweed's options will bring charm and life to any space. From white porcelain to wood containers Tumbleweed has every type of planter to choose from for all of your planting needs in Singapore.

Visit the shop to see their extensive range of products - from minimalist and modern styles to vintage-inspired planters. With Tumbleweed, you can find the perfect small planter for your space at a great price!


Small Planters: Small planters are the perfect size for small spaces, balconies and patios. You can read more about our Small Planters Collection here.

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Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

Best Online Plant Home Decor Store

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