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Hoya plants are tropical evergreen vines and shrubs that produce fragrant, wax-like flowers. You can read more about our Hoya Plant Collection here.


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Hoya Plant for your home

Hoya plants are low maintenance, easy to care for, and make the perfect addition to any home. They require minimal watering and can thrive in moderate temperatures. Hoya plants also have beautiful, fragrant blooms that come in a variety of colors including pink, white, yellow, red, and purple. The wax-like texture of their flowers makes them incredibly unique and eye-catching. Additionally, Hoya plants make great houseplants because they're air purifying and provide natural humidity to your home environment. With a proper care routine, these lovely houseplants will last you a lifetime!

Hoya plants often called Sweetheart Hoya or Wax Plants, are a succulent plant that are native to Asia. These evergreen plants produce clusters of waxy white or pink flowers and can be grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. Hoya carnosa is the most popular variety of Sweetheart Hoya, with its round leaves having a leathery feel. When growing Sweetheart Hoyas outdoors, it's important to note that they need partial to full sun depending on their location; however over-exposure to direct sunlight can cause bleaching of some leaves. Sweetheart Hoyas also require lots of humidity for optimal growth and blooming, so misting may be necessary indoors. Their flowers, generally up to four inches across and scented like vanilla, attract lots of attention from admirers from afar!

Hoya plants are very easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. They thrive best when placed in a well-lit area, but can also tolerate lower light levels as long as they receive some direct sunlight each day. Be sure to water your Hoya plant regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions. Additionally, it's important to fertilize your Hoya plant every month or two with a balanced fertilizer mix to provide essential nutrients that will keep the plant healthy and happy.

Finally, be sure not to overwater or overfertilize your Hoya Plant as this can cause root rot or other serious damage.

With proper care and attention, your Hoya Plant can last you for years! Enjoy the unique beauty and fragrant blooms of your Hoya Plant and create a beautiful, lush environment in your home.

Hoya plants should be watered regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering sessions. Overwatering or underwatering can cause serious damage to your plant, so it's important to find a balance that works for your particular Hoya plant. Generally speaking, Hoya plants should be watered every 5-7 days depending on their light and temperature conditions.

It is also important to note that some varieties of Hoya plants are more drought tolerant than others, so you want to make sure you research your specific variety thoroughly before setting up a watering schedule.

Ultimately, finding the right balance for your Hoya Plant is key when it comes to giving it the proper care and attention it needs in order for it to thrive!

Hoya plants can be grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. They prefer partial to full sun depending on their location, but be sure not to over-expose them to direct sunlight as this can cause bleaching of some leaves. Hoya plants also require lots of humidity for optimal growth and blooming, so misting may be necessary indoors. If you live in a climate that does not have the correct conditions for thriving Hoya plants, it is recommended that you keep your plant indoors instead. With proper care, a healthy Hoya plant will look beautiful inside or out!

Overall, Hoya Plants are an excellent addition to any home because of their low maintenance and impressive flower displays. Their wax-like blooms attract lots of attention and their lush foliage adds a nice touch to any living space. With the right care, your Hoya plants will last you a lifetime! Enjoy their unique beauty and fragrant blooms!

Hoya plants can bring a lot of visual interest to any living room. Their lush foliage adds a splash of color and texture, while their fragrant blooms brighten up the space with their vibrant hues. Additionally, having Hoya plants in your living room can also help to purify the air and reduce stress levels, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Hoyas are also very low maintenance plants that do not require frequent watering or fertilizing, making them perfect for those who don't have a lot of time for gardening. With some basic care, your Hoya plant will thrive and bring beauty and life into your home for years to come!

Overall, having Hoya plants in your living room can help create a more inviting and peaceful atmosphere in your home. Enjoy the unique beauty and fragrant blooms of your Hoya plant and reap the many benefits that it has to offer!

Hoya Plants in Singapore

Tumbleweeds Plants is the perfect place for anyone looking to get their hands on a Hoya Plant. Easily accessible and based in Singapore, Tumbleweeds Plants offers customers both local delivery and online shopping, making it super easy to buy your favorite plants! They have a huge variety of options available, from popular varieties like the Waxflower Hoya to rare finds like the String Leaf Hoya. Tumbleweeds Plants also has a great selection of succulents, cacti, and airplants, so you can find whatever you need all in one place! Plus, with its user-friendly website setup and helpful customer service team, Tumbleweeds Plants is the perfect solution for anyone looking to buy stunning Hoya plants.


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